Adding Multiple Categories in Posts

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Adding Multiple Categories in Posts

To add categories in blog posts all you have to do is add a category key with category values in frontmatter of the post :

category: ['jekyll', 'guides', 'sample_category']

Then to render this category using link and pages. All we need to do is,

  1. Create a new file with [your_category_name].md inside categories folder.

  2. Copy categories/ file and replace the content in [your_category_name].md in that. (Please don’t copy the code below its just sample, since it renders the jekyll syntax dynamically)

layout: page
title: Guides
permalink: /blog/categories/your_category_name/

<h5> Posts by Category : Adding Multiple Categories in Posts </h5>

<div class="card">


Using the category, all the posts associated with the category will be listed on http://localhost:4000/blog/categories/your_category_name

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